The badge holder function

The badge holders are known for protecting the ID Cards physically and this is a very important preventative measure towards abuse and damages. To prevent the damage, the great way of doing this is by simply applying your ID card holder now!

Not only that the badge holders are known as the easiest way of prolonging the life existence of the proxy cards, but they are also popular as the most affordable and the one that comes in a huge variety of choices that can be used in a virtually any environment.

Look at the features in the badge holder that can most effectively fit the company requirements. The usual option includes flexible vinyl holder for the light duty application and the simple methods or from of protection. These may have features just like the sealable top that is identical to the sandwich bag, anti-print transfer technology or the UV protection, in keeping the real image from the wearing off on its card holder.
They are allowing the cards to have that needed protection, but will still be visible see.

The best solution towards the physical damage could be the ridged holder for the rigid plastic name tags. This is the kind of proxy card holder that is made from long-lasting, hard plastics and is well-designed to even take more abuse. These are coming in many different styles such as:

1. The styles that locks the card into the holders.

2. The slotted version of the simply remove cards.

3. The multi-sided model type that will hold different types of card.

How to select the perfect type of badge holder?

1. First, choose the kind of badge holders that will perform better with the badges.

2. Second, select between the available flexible card badge holder, proximity card badge holder and rigid card badge holders that are best for rigid plastic name tags.

3. Lastly, elect the kind of orientation to be used for the badge holder that is either in vertical orientation or horizontal form.

The above steps are one of the most important parts in helping narrow down the selection to around half of a badge holder being offered by your chosen suppliers.


The badge holder mainly protects the IDs or your badges from any form of harm or the possibilities of tear and wear and since this is your badge, you will never let anyone wear or borrow your badge holder from you, and so this is your responsibility, and same goes as you cannot borrow anybody’s badge holder just to use it temporarily to protect your badges when at work. This is a personal thing that must be used personally. Also, the usual, removal and inserting of badges to badge holder will cause unexpected harm that you are not expecting to happen when at work. In some cases of quitting or leaving the job, the badges with the holder are expected to be returned to the person in charge of badges and IDs.

Einst Urown, Horizontal Clear Badge Holder, 2019


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