Safety Breakaway Lanyards

TUBULARS:1. Breakaway Lanyards with the Bulldog Clips – its bulldog clips are made of steel from nickel-plated, which means that it can stand up to everyday use.

2. Breakaway Lanyards with the Metal Swivel Hooks
3. Breakaway Lanyards with the Plastic Hooks – it has classic lanyard materials that have that handy twist-free end fittings. The wide plastic hook end-fittings from the plastic cards add the "twist-free" uses and the connected badge holder or card will remain facing the front during its normal use.

4. Breakaway Lanyards with the Trigger Hooks – the trigger hooks are composed of nickel-plated steels which can stand up when use frequently.

--These FOUR KINDS are effective and straightforward, and this lanyard is the ideal type for any of the card-carrying needs! It has a very affordable price, and these lanyards features the safety breakaway tabs that will simply open to reduce the danger of choking. It is made from polypropylene and these lanyards give that classic lan…

Badge Reels

1. Round Badge Reel - Don't allow any mistaken identities by this round type of badge reel!

2. Square Badge Reel – Grant access to the newest marketing campaign with an assistance of this square badge reel!

--This TWO KINDS of BADGE REEL are very important for security and organization which best use in clinics, hospital, public events, trade shows and large companies. The convenient way of holding the employee event pass, ID cards and the badges are made with high standard spring quality of stainless steel and durable materials. The standard decals printed four color procedures on white, metallic or clear backgrounds with the high gloss lamination that is for customization.

3. Customize Badge Reel – Bring the brand to life by using a custom badge reel. This is an essential to security and organization, and this is so ideal for use in the hospital, clinics, large companies, public events, and even at trade shows. Customize it through an exclusive four color procedure method printed …

The Different SATO Product Categories

1. Accessories for Thermal Printer - The dependable SATO brand accessory, extended the value of the printers to make a better Sato name tags. The available are the variety of alternatives for thermal barcode, laser printers and RFID. Media handling alternatives like Rewinders/underwinders, cutters, Linerless kits and dispensers will increase their efficiency and flexibility of the printing system. Wireless networking and competitive emulation interface allowed for diversity the best ROI. With the SATO accessories, you can find exactly what your needs are to increase the entire performance of the SATO printer.

2. Desktop Thermal Printer – the Thermal desktop printer from the SATO is a cost effective, compact, and is so easy-to-use. Labels, receipts, RFID inventory and wristbands tracking labels simply create on the printer that just fit about anywhere. The advance thermal barcode technology is making sure these printers are made from the highest quality and are extremely reliable. Where…


Lanyards as giveaways Keychain and lanyards are the best choice of items to be given away during your special promotions, conventions, trade shows and as an in-store freebie. Maybe you have noticed that lots of people were unwilling of pinning their IDs or laminated badges to the clothing and the lanyard will then be the fantastic solution!
When your company will be engaged in an exhibition or in a trade show, give each of your staff lanyards to wear around their necks that will match the company’s logo and colors. Possible clients within the trade show do not need to think twice regarding whom to approach when there are questions about the service or the business you are promoting. Customize lanyards, with the print of your company’s color and logo will help in spreading the name and the products of your company to a bigger variety of people. Although you are only making one grand sale, the lanyards will then pay for themselves.
It is recommended that if you wanted to increase your …

Earth-Friendly and Rush Custom Lanyards

The Earth-friendly lanyard is the most convenient way of displaying and keeping track of the ID cards while at the same time benefiting the environment. Here are the most common kinds of lanyard attachments that will help in selecting the attachment type.
1. Recycled Flat Braided Lanyard These are kinds of lanyards that 100 percent made recycled plastic materials and 80 percent of pre-consumer waste with 20percent of post-consumer waste. The recycled plastic lanyard from plastic cards are the environmentally-friendly alternative for the ID card programs concentrating on the green options. You can choose from the six colors and the two lanyard widths available. The lanyards are flat braided recycled materials and are longer.

2. Bamboo Flat Braided Lanyard Bamboo is considered as one of the top sustainable resources on the planet, making the bamboo lanyard an atmosphere friendly choice for the ID card program. These soft braided bamboo materials are very comfortable for wearing it all …


1. "COTA" BADGE BUDDY - the badge buddy is a perfect way to give instant role identification to both the staff and the patients in a busy hospital environment. The badge buddies are easily clipped on to the existing lanyards or badge reels and will work with any kind of standard sized ID Badges. They have printed on either side of a card to flash visibility even when the ID has flipped around.

2. "OT" BADGE BUDDY – this badge buddy is a perfect way of giving instant role recognition with both of the patients and the staffs in the busy hospital surroundings. The badge buddy simply clips on to the existing badge reels or the lanyards and can work with any kinds of standard sized ID Badges. These have been printed on each side of a card to visibly display the ID even when it flips around.

3. "PT" BADGE BUDDY IN HORIZONTAL – the badge buddy is a means of giving role recognition instantly to either patients or staffs in the busy hospital environment. The badge b…


1. EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN "EMT" BADGE BUDDIES – these are available in vertical and horizontal badge buddies and are the bests to display instant role identification inside the busy hospital environment. These red "EMT" Badge Buddies for the paramedics with the red border allows both the staffs and patients to rapidly decode the hospital ID badges so they will exactly know the role without examining a Photo ID closely. This badge buddy is printed on either side of a card so the text can be seen when the ID flipped around.

2. "OPTOMETRIST" BADGE BUDDIES – the badge buddy is ideal in displaying instant role recognition in the busy office, hospital, or any form of working environment. This badge buddy permits the patients and staffs to rapidly decode you’re the ID badge so that it will know exactly the roles of employees without examining an ID closely. The badge buddies imprint on mutual sides of a card so the text can be seen when the ID has flipped a…